beer tasting

in the junior league, we have three different areas of focus that expose us to different aspects of running a nonprofit: membership (the people in the organization), projects (what we do in the community) and fundraising (how we financially support what we do in the community).

as i mentioned before, our league is not the white gloved, bridge-playing stereotypes from the movies, but rather a modern evolution of that league. we are younger, both single and married, working outside the home, and staying home with children. the things that had ‘worked’ to bring us together or give us a social outlet look different today than before. 

so, i was thrilled that one of the fundraising events for us this year was a beer tasting at north loop wine and spirits: i could donate to the league, and meanwhile, glean some personal knowledge that I wanted to learn. and i could bring along bear (as opposed to convincing him to attend a bunny brunch) and other friends to further raise money!

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backpack buddies

i joined the junior league of minneapolis 4 years ago and through it have been introduced to the nonprofit world of minneapolis. the league is a training organization for women to essentially learn how to run a nonprofit (organizing fundraisers, projects and advocating for causes in the city). if you readthe help, you read about the old world southern leagues (white gloves, pearls, adult sororities) but please don’t let that taint your opinion of modern day leagues.

we are an organization of women who want to change the world we live in and give back to the communities we are a part of. we are learning how to effectively organize a nonprofit organization and sit on boards across the city to share our expertise and skills learned in the league. the league has opened up minneapolis/st paul to me and has given me an amazing introduction to the city.

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