april: boost energy

the continuation of my happiness project brings us to our current month. april’s focus is energy. gretchen’s happiness project began with boosting her own energy so that she could approach the following months with vitality and gusto. its an awesome theory, but in my life i had to get a few things in place before i tackled my energy. honestly, my energy level is usually high, i just had to create some consistency and space prior to looking at where my energy is spent and how best to use it.

april resolutions:

  1. rent a storage space and move anything not essential to daily life into it
  2. declutter my closets
  3. scan all photos for wedding slideshow
  4. enter all guests into an electronic spreadsheet

i found my energy is spent on daily tasks (working out, work itself, and being a good friend, daughter and fiance) so i have learned to ignore the things that aren’t pressing and put them off to the next day. then those nagging tasks buzz in my ear. clearing those will help me be fully present to the task at hand. focused energy.

for example, my biggest buzz is surrounding the storage space. when i moved into bear’s house, i thought i was only going to be squatting here for 2-3 months before finding my own place. then we got engaged and i ended up staying. i left half my things at bear’s sister’s house and brought the other half of my things here. i don’t miss the things that aren’t here with me- so it is time to toss and organize (and get out of her very generous hair).

how have you organized your life? do you need to get your energy in line before you tackle the rest of your life? how are your resolutions coming? have you began a happiness project of your own?